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Hello! My name is Sarah Wolfgang and I have been a professional kitchen and bath designer since 2004. I spent 15 years in Western Europe and consider Austria my home. It's from my childhood there that I tap into my imagination to create unique and personalized spaces. My philosophy is that great design becomes more than the sum of a space's aesthetics and functionality but transcends both. That is why I make it my mission that every client feels daheim (German for "at home"). I have a passion for strong, functional design and this is my log of inspiration and current projects. Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Favorite

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Laufen's 'CITY LIVING' collection embraces an urban setting, but brings in an organic or 'living' feel with it's floral motifs. I love the asymmetrical sink application and simple design. Even though the floral motif is very specific it adds a nice balance. What great inspiration for similar applications! Decals are so popular these days that it would be very easy to get a similar look without paying the price and committing to something permanent.