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Hello! My name is Sarah Wolfgang and I have been a professional kitchen and bath designer since 2004. I spent 15 years in Western Europe and consider Austria my home. It's from my childhood there that I tap into my imagination to create unique and personalized spaces. My philosophy is that great design becomes more than the sum of a space's aesthetics and functionality but transcends both. That is why I make it my mission that every client feels daheim (German for "at home"). I have a passion for strong, functional design and this is my log of inspiration and current projects. Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Laminate Countertops

Description: High pressure laminate sheet mounted on partical board
Popular Brands: Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite, Nevamar
100's of colors, patterns and textures, including faux woods, gloss and designer patterns
Great pricepoint
Sanitary for Kitchen/Bath application
Easy to no maintenance
Things to consider:
Visual seams
Not heat resistant
Not scratch resistant
What's new in laminate:
High Def finishes that resemble granite or stone. It's a nice new way of getting the granite look without paying the granite price! Also, the IDEAL edge is going to change how we view laminate. It can be applied to any edge to get that bull-nose look.

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